0.5 - 1m
1.5 - 3m

full sun /
dappled shade

frost /

coastal & inland conditions

Acacia glaucoptera nana 'Clay Wattle'

Olive winged foliage and reddish new growth with yellow flowers in Spring. Grows well in sand or loam and will tolerate heavy clay soils.

POSITION: Prefers full sun to part shade and is suited to most soils that are well drained.

CARE: Once established Clay Wattle requires little maintenance. Benefits from annual tip prune. Occasional feeding with a slow release low phosphorous fertiliser is beneficial. Mulching around the base will help to conserve moisture.

USES: Clay Wattle is a good low feature plant. Excellent for hedging, giving great colour contrast in the garden.

acacia glaucoptera clay wattle

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