0.2 - 1m
1 - 1.5m

full sun /
dappled shade

frost /
drought tolerant

coastal & inland conditions

Acacia lasiocarpa prostrate 'Glow Wattle'

A prostrate low spreading groundcover Acacia. Small, fresh lime green foliage and masses of golden, fluffy flowers in Winter & Spring. A versatile plant that will withstand coastal conditions and drought. Great for hot dry spots in heavy to light soil conditions. Very decorative.

POSITION: Prefers full sun to part shade and is suited to most soils that are well drained.

CARE: Once established Glow Wattle requires little maintenance other than an occasional feed with a slow release low phosphorus fertiliser. Mulching around the base will help to conserve moisture.

USES: Glow Wattle forms a thick mat that is useful as a rockery plant or for retaining walls. It can also be grown as a tub specimen.

Acacia Lasiocarpa Glow Wattle

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