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0.3 - 0.5m

full sun /
dappled shade

light frost

coastal & inland conditions

Orthrosanthus multiflorus K.I. Morning Iris

K.I. Morning Iris is a select form of Orthrosanthus multiflorus found on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. This hardy tufting plant produces spikes of small sky blue flowers in late spring to early summer.

POSITION: This hardy tuft will grow in full sun to part shade preferring moist well drained soils. It will tolerate short periods of dry.

CARE: Once established this plant requires little maintenance other than the removal of spent flower heads. The plant can be cut back at the end of summer and fed with a slow release fertilizer to promote the new seasonís flowers. Mulching around the base of the plant will be beneficial in conserving moisture.

USES: K.I. Morning Iris is an ideal plant for use as a landscape specimen and also for rockeries, garden borders and cottage gardens.

Orthrosanthus multiflorus K.I. Morning Iris

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